Colour Consistency

Konica Minolta

Colour consistency has been a critical aspect of Keypoint Intelligence lab testing for over two decades. Measured using IT8 colour charts throughout a test, colour consistency can then be quantified by technicians and dissected by analysts to have a full picture of just how stable colour output is over time. To determine the recipients of these first-ever awards, Keypoint Intelligence analyzed the last five years of test data. A3 hardware is tested to the maximum monthly duty cycle, with colour charts printed and measured at the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% test points and each sample compared to the Day 1 output. For this award Konica Minolta’s eight evaluated A3 devices, which include its new bizhub i series, produced more than 1.5 million pages.

“Konica Minolta’s collection of bizhub models handily surpassed the competition in producing the most repeatable colour, not an easy task considering the complexities of the digital printing process,” said Joe Tischner, Production . Printer Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence. “The bizhub line, which includes models we tested spanning Segments 2 through 5, delivered lower than average Delta E


Introducing The Bizhub i-Series
From Konica Minolta

Born from our desire to rethink the role of multifunctional devices in business, our next generation technology sits at the heart of your connected environment. Simply and securely bringing together people, places and devices to change the way you work.

Bizhub C360i

Simple, connected and safe. Discover the bizhub

Bizhub C750i

Simple, connected and safe. Discover the bizhub


Konica Minolta BH 287

i-Series! to 287!




Konica Minolta BH 225i

Konica Minolta BH 225i System speed A4



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