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Managed Print Services

As a current provider of MPS services to multiple customers, Eric Solis Marketing Limited fully understands the need for such a solution in a Dynamic environment. It is key for any vendor offering an MPS solution to be given the opportunity to conduct a discovery exercise at the customer’s site to collect data that will be presented with recommendations. Our MPS offering will provide customers with a hands-off approach. As the vendor, we will be responsible for all areas including equipment, installation, configuration, training, maintenance & repairs, delivery & disposal of supplies and parts. Using CS Remote Care, ESML will be able to proactively monitor the equipment to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

CS Remote Care shall provide ESML with automatic alerts such as: low supplies, maintenance intervals, device errors and device counter. This information received from CS Remote Care will allow ESML to automate delivery of consumables, automate dispatch of a service technician to conduct repairs without the need for a manual service call from customers, automate billing and provide reports on device usage so there can be consultation on improving the print environment at customers location. With the use of PaperCut MF, ESML can help customers to develop print policies. PaperCut MF has standard policies for Duplex printing and Email printing, however, with it’s scripting ability, PaperCut MF will allow for customized policies to be created for customers. Policies can be implemented on a user, group or device level. In PaperCut MF, customers can choose to monitor print policies, whereby end users are given real time reminders on what are customers policies and allows the user to take corrective action.